Engine Remapping

What is it & how does it work…..?

We are Authorised dealers fro APR for all things VAG & Porsche, AC Schnitzer for BMW and our very own Revolution Remaps for all makes and models. We do not Remap Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan & Honda.

Our Remaps & Software upgrades increase power, torque, fuelling and quicker throttle response achieved without exceeding your vehicles engine limits.

Unlike “chipping” we write an individual custom file for each vehicle we remap to ensure you still retain full drivability. All achieved without exceeding your vehicles engine limits.

With thousands of applications available including petrol, diesel, commercial and motorcycles & were so confident in our remapping service we even offer you a money back guarantee*.

So, if you aren’t completely satisfied, simply return your vehicle to us and we will return your vehicle to its original settings and give you a refund* in full!

* (Terms and Conditions Apply) *

How it works
Before we commence your remap we will undertake a full road test & diagnostic fault check to ensure that your vehicle is running fault free. Once your remap is complete, we store a full back up of your vehicles std ECU with all your original settings should we ever need to access them in the future.

For most cars, this is all done via the OBD port but with some newer manufacturer’s we have to remove your ECU for unlocking, expected increases in Torque and BHP can be in excess of 30% depending on the vehicle.

So what’s the cost and how long does it take?

Our bespoke remaps prices start from as little as £199 and take around 2-3hrs to complete.

For more information & to book your vehicle in for a Software upgrade, please CLICK HERE or call 0191 461 9200

Why not visit our sister site Revolution Remaps for full information.